Choosing Your Career Path: How To Find What Interests You?

“We talk on principle, but we act on interest” – Quote

Prefer smart work than hard work to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Smart work yields smart results. Smart result is the result of self-interest.

Finding what interests you and making it your career is ideal to have a happy job.

How to find what interests you?

“Write down 5 things that make you happy or 5 hobbies you cherish doing “

Make sure you aren’t writing mundane things.

List out only activities and subjects you are passionate about.

Once you are done, your list might have any or few of the following:

I like writing “mention what” e.g.: poem/blog/essay/newsletter/press release/article

I like speaking “mention about”

I like creating “mention what”

I like helping “mention whom”

I like teaching “mention what”

I like computing

I like languages

Finding your interest is your first step in finding your career path.

So, what your interests are? Share your thoughts.


One Comment on “Choosing Your Career Path: How To Find What Interests You?”

  1. A very helpful outline for identifying the favored activities foundation stone for career passion and success!

    Dr. Robert Wiley

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