13 Simple Tips for Writing A Better Resume

Resume is a printed representation of you.

It is the key to make your first impression.

Does your resume speak for you? If not consider reworking it.

Here are some Resume Writing Tips you could use.

  1. Make your Resume “Crisp & Clear”
  2. Highlight your Strengths, Key skills, domain knowledge and expertise
  3. Avoid copy pasted Objective, Write your own.
  4. Your email id is your PR. Make sure you get a good one instead of a cool one.
  5. Be precise in showcasing your employment history (Present/Previous company, Tenure, Designation, Location of posting)
  6. Roles & Responsibilities – Present only the necessary, save the rest for direct interview
  7. Read Job descriptions posted by employers. Include the keywords mentioned
  8. Don’t mention your hobbies unless they are worth it
  9. Resume templates matters. Simple elegant one is fine. Never use flashy flowery template.
  10. Don’t over-do the design & bulletin points.
  11. Avoid local terms (slang). Use technical jargon only when needed
  12. Read, Re-read your resume till you are confident of what’s in it.
  13. Spell check & Grammar check

Hope these resume tips will help you create a better resume that sells.

If you still find trouble, get in touch with a professional resume writer.


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