3 Ultimate Reasons Why You Fail In Job Interviews

Are you attending “n” number of job interviews but failing miserably? These might be the reasons

Lack of Preparation – Practice makes you perfect. Do not attend even a single interview without proper preparation. Prepare yourself thoroughly before facing an interviewer. Right from applying for a job till post interview follow ups, a great deal of preparation is required.

  • Read Job advertisements (JD) carefully
  • Pick the job related keywords mentioned in JD
  • Include those keywords in your CV
  • Re-read your CV before sending it to recruiters
  • Research about the company you apply for
  • List few questions to ask your interviewer
  • Telephonic interviews are effective screening process. Take them seriously.
  • Follow up with recruiter on interview status

Dressing Miserably – Many get it wrong when it comes to dressing up for interviews. Have a separate pair of dresses especially for interviews. Keep away from cool quotient, your interviewer is not interested in hippie dresses or casual attires. Be tidy. Match your belt with shoe color. Never attend an interview without shoes/socks. Light color dresses are always the best shot. Say NO to flashy colors and flowery designs.

Yes/No Answers – Interviewer shoots questions to assess an employee’s attitude, ability, flexibility, decision making skills, responsiveness, fit to organizational culture, subject matter expertise, technical knowledge and so on. Show your expertise in words, have detailed but to the point conversation with your interviewer. Avoid yes/no answers to land in your dream jobs.

What are you waiting for? Let your job search & success begin!


What Is Your Ideal Career? #Generate Career Ideas

Generating career ideas is a creative process.

It starts with analyzing your inner skills, interests, abilities, attitude and aptitude. Understanding yourself is the ultimate key to understand your career path.

Differentiate “what you like” and “what you are passionate about“.

Likes come and go but Passion stays with us longer. It pushes you to achieve the extra mile without losing your inner peace.

With passion at heart, whatever you do will yield greater results because you are not focused on the end-game so you tend to enjoy the course of action to a wider level.

If you enjoy doing something without caring for desired end-results, it is obvious that the outcome will be much greater than mere expectations.

Excited to find your career path? try this Career Explorer to find out which career best suit you!

(Link Source: University of Kent)