What Is Your Ideal Career? #Generate Career Ideas

Generating career ideas is a creative process.

It starts with analyzing your inner skills, interests, abilities, attitude and aptitude. Understanding yourself is the ultimate key to understand your career path.

Differentiate “what you like” and “what you are passionate about“.

Likes come and go but Passion stays with us longer. It pushes you to achieve the extra mile without losing your inner peace.

With passion at heart, whatever you do will yield greater results because you are not focused on the end-game so you tend to enjoy the course of action to a wider level.

If you enjoy doing something without caring for desired end-results, it is obvious that the outcome will be much greater than mere expectations.

Excited to find your career path? try this Career Explorer to find out which career best suit you!

(Link Source: University of Kent)


Choosing Your Career Path: Finding “What Are You Good At”?

“Life is half spent before we know what it is” – George Herbert

We, humans are blessed with innate passion and talents. Each one of us is good at something.

Knowing what we are good at and fine tuning it is the key to progress.

Understanding what you are good at pushes you to become good to great.

Think in silence; write down the things you are passionate about.

You might be good in singing, dancing, drawing, teaching, analyzing, leading a team, networking, helping people, solving problems, communicating, organizing an event, painting, playing music instruments, cooking, persuading, hacking/debugging computers and a lot more.

Prioritize your “Good At” List.

No idea how to prioritize? Here is a little help:

Is it what you always think about, dream about, read about?

Will you be ready to put needed effort, time and training to become good to great at it?

Would you enjoy doing it even after 10 years?

If your answer is YES to all 3 questions, Congratulations! You’ve found what you are good at!

What are you good at? Share your comments.