Guide to Speak Fluent English for Career Success

English Communication skill plays a vital role in sculpting an individual’s career path.

Globalization made most of the foreign multi nationals to step in Asian countries for setting up production and outsourcing units. Foreign companies offers millions of job offers to local talents which demands good English communication skills. Being ignorant of systematic English learning process, ESL (English as Second Language) individuals find it difficult to speak fluent English.

Here is a simple guide to speak effective English.

Follow L S R W concept

Listen: Listen to English language extensively. The more you listen, the more it gets into you. Remember how you learnt your mother tongue? It is through listening (observing) your parents/family/neighborhood speaking that language. Media is a great source to listen good English. Tune into to international news channels, listen to the reader at least for 30 minutes a day. In due course try to mimic the news reader.

Speak: Start speaking English with your close circle of friends. Ask your friends to rate your English communication skills at the beginning. Take their advice on the area’s that need improvisation. Constantly work on improving your grammatical skills and vocabulary. Initially you might stumble to speak fluently but don’t give up because you cannot run a marathon without taking a first step forward.

Read: Be choosy in selecting a quality English daily. Dedicate at least 30 to 45 minutes a day for newspaper reading. You need not to hurry in reading the entire newspaper at a stretch. Focus only on a single article or a single page, read slowly. Starting from headlines, try to understand what the article/paragraph is speaking about. Highlight the words you couldn’t understand, obtain meaning of those words through dictionary or thesaurus. Now, re-read the article.

Write: Practice writing small sentences then small paragraphs, essays, articles. Start a blog. Dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day to write anything under the sun (initially) or choose a niche you are passionate about. Ensure to be a regular blogger. You are not blogging to pass time or make money. Always remember “you are blogging to make your writing better”

Learning English is fun! Follow LSRW. Share your feedback.